Tuesday, April 24, 2007

My Drug Use

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My drug source - the pharmacy counter

I hate being dependent, but there are drugs that I really must have -- the ones that help keep my blood pressure and cholesterol under control.

I've been to the doctor today and he's renewed all my prescriptions, so I shouldn't have to see him for another six months. (That makes me happy!)

I am fortunate that Crestor, the well-known cholesterol-lowering drug, works well for me. Since I started taking it two years ago, my total cholesterol and my LDL ("bad" cholesterol) have both dropped about 75 points.

For blood pressure, I take two drugs, Diovan and HCTZ (hydrochlorothiazide). The combination keeps my blood pressure safely below 120/80. I am thankful.

Here's how I found out that my blood pressure was totally out of control. I got off work one Friday evening and went to Kroger to get groceries. Just on a whim as I passed through the pharmacy, I decided to sit down in the blood pressure chair.

When I saw the readings, I left my shopping cart and drove straight to the doctor's office because I was scared! When the nurse checked my blood pressure there, it was even higher.

It's a wonder I hadn't had a stroke. I had been having headaches every day for months, but I just thought it was my job.

Soon thereafter, I got a little battery-operated cuff so I could check my own blood pressure. One day I had it at work and all the girls were standing around my desk, checking their blood pressure. Roger, one of the bosses, came by and decided to check his, too. It was something like 200/130 -- terribly, unbelievably high.

We all urged him to drop everything and go to the doctor immediately, but he wouldn't do it. He said that his blood pressure always ran high, and he just laughed it off. About six months later, he had a stroke at work one day. Fortunately, he survived and now he takes medicine for his blood pressure.

I hope you are keeping track of your blood pressure and cholesterol, and if you need medicine to help control either of them, I hope you are taking it. We're fortunate to live in modern times with many effective drugs.

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Collagemama said...

I take Lisinopril for my blood pressure. Just want to add that it is most useful to your doctor if you take your blood pressure regularly with the same machine and keep a written record. Besides headaches, the swelling in my hands was a clue to my problem.

If you are particularly worried about your blood pressure, you can stop in at any fire station. The firefighters/EMTs will do an accurate reading and help you decide if you need immediate assistance.

Genevieve said...

That is great advice, Collagemama.

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