Monday, April 02, 2007

One More Look at the Amish Store

Life in Christian County, Kentucky...

Men's hats at the Amish storeA selection of men's hats and lace dresser scarves

Here's one more look at some of the goods in the Amish grocery store in Crofton, KY.

I wouldn't ordinarily take photographs in the Amish store, but the young lady clerk went to the other side of the store for a few minutes. Since I found myself alone and I knew I wouldn't be bothering anyone, I photographed the clocks and the hats.

When I say "the other side of the store", I mean the section with the regular groceries. This little store carries both bulk goods and pre-packaged, branded groceries that we "English" are more familiar with.

It's not the only grocery store in Crofton, but it seems to do a good amount of business. I'm sure it helps that people like me drive to Crofton to shop in it. I mentioned at church that I'd been over there, and several of the ladies started talking about buying spices, flours, etc. there.

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Larry said...

Hi, Genevieve. Up in Scotland County, MO, not far from the Iowa border in a small town called Rutledge, there's a very similar Mennonite store called Zimmerman's. It's always refreshing to shop in a store outside of the typical retail environment.

Genevieve said...

"Zimmerman" in the Mennonite culture is like "Jones" in our culture -- a very common name. We have a lot of Zimmermans here.

I have bought some good, useful kitchen utensils and bowls at the Amish stores.

Anonymous said...

If you go just a little farther north just over the Missouri/Iowa border, you'll find the small town of Cantril. One of the "Villages of Vanburen". There you'll be delighted with the Zimmerman store called The Dutchmans. The items are always plentiful and fresh in the grocery (where you can even grind your own peanut butter!), the sewing materials are beautiful and Clair and his employees are helpful and friendly! Try'll like them! Memphis Missouri Resident

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