Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Roadside Wildflowers

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RudbeckiaRudbeckia hirta

I don't know which of the 20+ native varieties of rudbeckia hirta these flowers are, but they are a member of the species.

They are called black-eyed susans locally. Oxeye daisy is supposed to be another common name, but I have never heard them called that.

These yellow beauties are growing in the ditch at the summit of a high, dry rocky hill. The summit is broad and somewhat flat and the ditch doesn't drain well. Just enough moisture has gathered there to support a profusion of gorgeous black-eyed susans this year.

Several years ago, I grew from seed a border of gloriosa daisies, a cultivar of rudbeckia hirta, in my vegetable garden. They seeded themselves very well, and I had them for several years, but they've died out now. I was working full-time then, and I think I probably hoed out their seedlings when the weeds were getting away from me in the spring. It takes time to selectively weed and I didn't have it.

I should plant them again. I enjoy their bright, cheerful blooms. They make a emphatic yellow statement in the garden and also as a cut flower.

RudbeckiaRudbeckia hirta

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