Friday, August 25, 2006

Swamp Milkweed

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I was driving down the highway by my neighbor's field yesterday afternoon, and I was surprised to see that a large portion of it was pink, apparently with flowers. I thought maybe she had seeded red clover in the field -- just a wild guess. I stopped this morning and found that hundreds of swamp milkweed plants have burst into bloom.

The field is busy with bees and butterflies who are enjoying the fragrant blossoms. If you've never smelled a milkweed blossom, take time to do so sometime. They have a lovely fragrance.

There are many members of the milkweed family, and several of the varieties in Kentucky have pinkish blooms. We also have the red-blooming Asclepias tuberosa or butterfly weed, but I have never seen it in the abundance of the swamp milkweed here.

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