Saturday, August 05, 2006

Seen at the Cumberland Gap

Life in The Upper South...

Today has gone a little better. We got about 2/3 of the yard mowed. (We mow about 2 acres counting what we mow along the road.) I did several loads of laundry, and Isaac helped me get the camping gear put away. There's still plenty to do, but it doesn't look quite as hopeless.

These are the last of the photos from our very short camping trip. One day, we drove over to the Cumberland Gap National Historical Park where Kentucky, Virginia, and Tennessee meet. It was interesting to drive through the Cumberland Gap tunnel.

The weather was so hot that all the ranger-led park tours were cancelled for the day! The road to the Pinnacle overlook is closed for construction/repair, so we couldn't go there either. We still could have hiked through the Gap on our own, but it didn't sound like that much fun at high noon during a heat wave. So we found some other sights to see.

Visitor's centerView from the deck at Cumberland Gap National Historic Park Visitor's CenterConeflowersConeflowers at Visitor's Center entrance

IsaacIsaac attempts a military pose
at Visitor's Center

Cumberland Gap parkA road within the park

Cumberland Gap parkDensely shaded picnic &
camping area of the park
Cumberland Gap, TNCumberland Gap, TN. The actual Gap is at right in the photo.

Middlesboro, KYOld business district in Middlesboro, KYMiddlesboro, KYAnother old building in Middlesboro

Middlesboro, KYThe Arthur-Middlesboro Museum was built in 1890 as the office of the American AssociationArthur historic markerAlexander Arthur was the founder of Middlesboro and an important person in area mining history.

Museum kittyThis kitty belongs to the museum.Chair detailDetail on an antique chair at the Arthur Museum

Sailing Ship quilt"Sailing Ship" quilt at the Arthur Museum
Bell County, KYAll of Highway 186 south of Middlesboro is like this, mile after mile.

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