Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Periwinkle in the Landscape

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Here's an example of periwinkle (vinca minor) used under a tree. I wish I could say this was my nicely groomed yard, but it's not. The photo was taken in Hopkinsville.

The gardener has created a no-grow zone around the border of the territory the periwinkle has been allotted. It keeps the periwinkle in bounds and gives a neat look.

I see a little maple coming up in the periwinkle bed despite the gardener's attentions. Maple trees are so prolific and so well-adapted to this part of Kentucky that maple seedlings are a perpetual problem in any nearby hedges, shrubbery, or beds of perennials.

I must update what I wrote about periwinkle last spring. I said that I hadn't had any trouble with my periwinkle wanting to creep out of its beds. This summer with plentiful rainfall, it has finally grown into a thick green mass and in its newfound vigor, it has started throwing out lots of runners into the lawn. I've had to rip up long strings that have crept out and rooted down before I found it.

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Trixie said...

I'm rather fond of periwinkle. There's a variety that was named for my uncle, who was a noted horticulturist. He died about five years ago, if my memory is correct. He had been responsible for developing the line of yews that were necessary to create the cancer drug Taxol.

Genevieve said...

Very cool, Trixie. I don't think anything has been named after me. I guess I'll have to buy the naming rights to a star, since I failed to name Keely after myself. ;)

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